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In English, the word ‘sama-sama’ is presumably the response of the expression of gratitude. Thus, the most common and popular one to be taught at schools here is ‘you’re welcome’, though such is not the only reply one can use in a daily conversation.


In responding the expression of gratitude as ‘thank you’ or ‘thanks’, ‘thanks a lot’, one can say several other ways beside just ‘you’re welcome’ or ‘you’re most welcome’ for a rather formal context. Here are some of the phrases one can utter to reply ‘thank you’:

  • my pleasure
  • no problem
  • no worries
  • likewise
  • sure
  • don’t mention it
  • it’s alright/ OK
  • never mind

Some of them don’t necessarily mean ‘sama-sama’ like in Indonesian, especially if one translates it literally. Here’s one example for it:

C: Hey, chief, thanks for your help. I wouldn’t know what I would do without your support.

V: Oh, please, don’t mention it. I was just giving you a hint. It’s barely important compared to what you did in that case.

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