Do you work the evening

Inilah Jawaban Soal Sekolah Tentang Do you work the evening

The question above seems to focus on preposition. Preposition is the kind of words which go together generally in the adverb of place and time. The sentence above is one example with adverb of time ‘the evening’.


As mentioned above, the preposition is the kind of words that normally complete phrases with adverb of time and place. There are at least three main prepositions which are frequently used in this context:

There is no clear formula of knowing which one to use in which phrases, one has to memorize it or use common sense to decide.

The answer for the gap above is

‘Do you work in the evening?’

Here are the other examples:

  1. See you on Saturday.
  2. They went there in January.
  3. Let’s talk about it at home later.
  4. I mostly do exercise on weekends.
  5. She wakes up at 5 am.
  6. He was found unconscious in the cave.

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Detil jawaban:

Kelas: SMP

Mapel: English

Kategori: preposition

Kode: 7.5.3


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