where is the life jacket located

Ladies and Gentlemen, in case of emergency, take the life jacket which is located under your seat. Put the life jacket over your head and then fasten the jacket tapes around your waist.

Do not inflate the jacket until you left the aircraft. The jacket will be automatically inflated by pulling a cord, but if not, you can blow into the chip to inflate it.

A light is attached to the jacket for attracting attention. The life jacket should be removed only in case of an emergency.

The use of TV sets AM and FM radio cassettes recorders, walkman, and any mobile phones are prohibited onboard as they interfere the communication and navigational system.

We wish you an enjoyable flight.

Where is the life jacket located?

Over the head

Around the waist

Outside the aircraft

In the back of the seat

Under the seat


Soal menanyakan tentang di mana life jacket diletakkan. Hal tersebut dijelaskan pada kalimat pertama dari paragraf pertama yaitu  “Ladies and Gentlemen, in case of emergency, take the life jacket which is located under your seat“. 

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