The waiter is serving the customer the passive is

Adalah Jawaban Soal Pelajaran Tentang The waiter is serving the customer the passive is


3. The waiter is serving the customer. The passive is….

C. The customer is being served by the waiter.

4. We are attending the agenda. The passive is …

E. The agenda is being attended by us.

5. Dr. Ikada developed the theory. The passive is …

E. The theory was developed by Dr. Ikada.

6. A hurricane destroyed a few houses. The passive is …

B. A few houses was destroyed by a Hurricane

7. Government will build a new palace next year. The passive is …

C. A new palace will be built by the government.

8. Andi Travelled to Maldive last year. The passive is …

A. Maldive was travelled by Andi last year.

9. Omar wrote a letter last night. The passive sentence is ….

E. A letter was written by Omar last night.

10. They are wearing jackets in the class. The passive is …

D. Jackets are being worn by them in the class.

11. She broke the window yesterday. The passive is ….

D. The window was broken by her yesterday.

12. Students are drawing the scenery. The passive is …

E. The scenery is being drawn by students.

13. Pilot flies the plane twice a week. The passive is ..

B. The plane is flown by pilot twice a week.

14. Math is being taught by Mr. Heri. The active sentence is ..

D.  Mr. Heri is teaching Math.

15. “The electricity will be repaired by technician”. The active sentence is …

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C. The technician will repair the electricity.

16. The assignments are being collected by teacher. The active is ….

B. Teacher is collecting the assignments.

17. The contract is being signed by Mr. Thomas. The active is …

D. Mr. Thomas is signing the contract.


3, 4, 10, 12. Passive present continuous tense: object + am/is/are + being + verb 3 + by subject.

5, 6, 8, 9, 11. Passive simple past tense: object + was/were + verb 3 + by subject.

7. Passive simple future tense: object + will + be + verb 3 + by subject.

13. Passive simple present tense: object + am/is/are + verb 3 + by subject.

14, 16, 17. Active present continuous tense.

15. Active present future tense.


Begitulah Jawaban Soal Pelajaran Tentang The waiter is serving the customer the passive is Semoga Membantu.